Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Yes, September is arguably my favorite month of the year. The weather is beautiful, leaves begin to fall, classes begin, and life is simply wonderful.
I started classes two weeks ago. It will be a great semester. I don't see any reason why I won't do fantastic this semester. I'm excited to be in school again and to feel accomplished. I'm still working in financial aid, and that's going great. I love the people I work with and the work that I do. The benefits are equally awesome. I just discovered that University employees will get the 24th and 26th of December off with pay. Yippee!! That makes a five day weekend. Yes! I'm considering a non-traditional christmas vacation this year. I can't decide exactly what I'd like to do, but I'm looking forward to it.
I'm excited for the weekends coming this fall. I predict many hikes, picnics and festivals to come. I just love this time of year, and I love being on the University of Utah campus everyday. There's just something truly calming and peaceful about it. I've had great experiences on this campus. I won't lie though, I do miss singing in the University Singers more often than not, but I know that there are other opportunities out there for me that I need to experience next.
Life keeps moving and before we know it we'll in be in 2009. I'm grateful for the experiences I've had this year. Yes, we still have 3 months before the year is over, but I feel like writing down my thoughts and experiences. I've grown so much thi s year. I feel lucky to have crossed paths with Mike. He's been a great part of my life this year. We've been together nearly 9 months now. I hope to share many more experiences with him.
I often wonder what lies in my future. I don't spend too much time thinking about the future, but just enough to strike my curiosity and influence me for the better. It's easy to be curious because life hasn't turned out like I had expected in any way. So how many more unexpected turns will my life take? It's curious for sure.

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