Monday, July 7, 2008

Got a headlamp? I do! I do!

So Mike and I went up some Canyon last wednesday...somewhere off the left side of I 80 heading towards Park City. I didn't really want to go at all since wednesday nights I usually meet up with my girlfriends and do dinner or something. I've been itching to get in the mountains and use my super cool headlamp for months now. The second Mike mentioned that it would be dark I said "oooh I get to use my head lamp! I'm in!!". My friends made fun of me so bad, but I didn't care. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures with me wearing my super cool head lamp, but I added in another picture of the one I have. It's so cool! Needless to say, it was nice getting up in the mountains and enjoying the nice weather up there. We cooked hot dogs and roasted marshmallows on the camp fire. Tastey! It ended up being a good time.

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