Saturday, June 14, 2008

My new assignment

So I've started a new job. As you know I was working at Macy's since last October...well they cut my hours back drastically so for quite some time I was basically "getting by" on my seriously weak paycheck. I still work there a few hours a week though. But as you probably know I decided it's time to take a risk and start temping for the University of Utah in their UTemps clerical job pool. I had looked around and applied for several administrative positions but people just won't hire without at least a year or two of secretarial/clerical experience. So I figured this is a great way to gain experience as well as network while jumping around the entire university. My first assignment was at the Teen Mother and Child Program, I was an administrative assistant. I started that assignment mid April. It was very educational working in that program. The team consists of a Pediatrician, Nurse Midwife, RN, LCSW, Voc-Ed Counselor, Financial Counselor, and the Administrative Assistant. These seven people facilitate an amazing work with these young teen moms. My next post will expand more on this experience but for now I'll just explain more about my job situation.

So I completed that assignment and now I'm beginning my next assignment this monday. In this position I will, again, be the administrative assistant in the financial aid office in the Student Services Building at the U of U. I'll be there until July 31st...and maybe stay permanently if the girl I'm subbing for decides not to return after her maternity leave...which wouldn't be unheard of. I'm excited to start on monday. I went two weeks without work...and still I did okay since I've been getting paid way more than at Macy's and was getting a steady 40 hours. That is not to say that I didn't nearly go bonkers sitting at home bored all day...because I did.

I'm really hoping that temping at the U of U will open up doors for a permanent, full time position. That was I will receive health benefits as well as half price tuition after 6 months of employment! Yippee! On top of it all I can finally get ahead and build some savings and such.

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