Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Mike and I went hiking in Milcreek Canyon today! It was cold and most of the trail was still snowy. I had a hell of a time getting up the mountain in my lame tennis shoes. I'm so buying hiking boots before I attempt another snowy hike! We brought up Mike's cool camping stove and mountain man dinner to eat while we rested before heading back down the mountain. It was actually pretty decent food. It's dehydrated, prepackaged dinners meant for backpacking. All you need to prepare it is boiling water, then you let it sit for a few minutes and voila! Dinner is served! My favorite part of the entire hike was when we were practically skiing down the mountain. Well if you know me, you might know I've never skiied before so I had a hard time sliding down the snowy trail in my stupid tennis shoes. We finally found me a decent walking stick to help brace myself as we made our way down. I had to pee really bad and was cracking up the whole way too because Mike was slipping and sliding the entire time...but never fell. Just lots of close calls. He's from northern wisconsin so he's pretty good on the ice. I, however, am not so graceful. I finally made him hike down behind me because I knew I'd pee my pants if I watched him slip around anymore. So the mountain was beginning to level out a bit so I said "I'm chucking the stick now, I'm good without it". I take, literally, one step and I slipped and fell right on my butt. I almost peed my pants laughing. The best part was since Mike was hiking behind me he got to see the whole thing. It was classic.

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